Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (12-714 / 19-614)


Instructor: H. Scott Matthews

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Following is the most up to date course schedule. Lecture notes are linked in the 'Topic' column. While lecture notes may be available before class, they may be changed before or during class (e.g. if we do not cover all material). So check back between classes to ensure no content was changed.

Updated 2/13/2006

Date Topic(s) Assignment /
Readings / etc.
W 18-Jan Course Introduction EPA Intro to LCA
M 23-Jan LCA Framework Overview HW 1 Out

In-class exercise
ISO 14040 Framework Document

ISO 14041 Framework Document
W 25-Jan LCA Scoping Exercise

Process LCA Theory
Project Proposals Due
M 30-Jan Process LCA Case Studies

Streamlined LCA
HW 1 Due Streamlined LCA (Read pp. 15-20, skim rest)
W 1-Feb Issues in Process LCA - Intro to Input-Output LCA Text Chapters 1 and 2
M 6-Feb

Input-Output LCA (IO-LCA) Exercise Exercise Spreadsheet
Exercise Handout
Text Chapters 4, 5, Appendix II
W 8-Feb

Input-Output LCA (IO-LCA) Theory

EIO-LCA Software Modeling
Spreadsheet Do eiolca.net Tutorial (on Home Page)
M 13-Feb EIO-LCA Case Studies HW 2 Due
Coffee LCI Article
Text Chapters 6, 7, 9, 10
W 15-Feb Issues in EIO-LCA HW 3 Out Text Chapters 3, 15, Appendix V
M 20-Feb

Uncertainty in LCA
Intro Hybrid LCA
Text Appendix IV
Treloar 2004 paper
W 22-Feb

Impact Assessment
EIO spreadsheet
HW 3 Due (Fri 24th)
HW 4 Out
ISO 14042 Framework - Impact Assessment
M 27-Feb Impact Assessment (cont.)

Ecoindicator excerpt (Handout for Exercise)
Eco-Indicator Methodology (see Annex 1/start p. 112)
ISO 14043 Framework - Interpretation
W 1-Mar Case Studies, Highlights of LCA
M 6-Mar

Project Presentations
Th 9-Mar

Due Date for Final projects HW 4 Due

HW 4 Spreadsheet

BEA's description of 1997 IO Model
(See Appendix A on p.39 for sector map)

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